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Patents, Innovation and Technology Transfer


Our Patent Department has a selected group of engineers and professionals with different fields of expertise and trained on industrial property to give a complete consultancy service to our clients in all aspects related to the preparation, filing, prosecution, obtention and defence

of patents, utility models, industrial designs and drawings, layout-designs (topographies) of integrated circuits and the registration of new plant varieties. For the most dynamic technological fields requiring a higher specialization, the firm has external qualified advisors that work in conjunction with our professionals.

Innovation and Technology Transfer

Conscious of the impact of markets globalization, our professional group offers a complete advisory service in the search and obtention of state of the art documents, so as to improve the products and manufacturing processes of companies from different fields,

allowing the contact between those who possess or are the owners of these new technologies and inventions, and the people or enterprises that require them, offering also all the legal services that the technological transfer implies, such as licences of use and technology transfer contracts, among others.